The future of business is in the cloud.

We often work with businesses that already have a bookkeeper. The reason for this is varied and can


  • Retirement of current bookkeeper
  • Bookkeeper does not support Quickbooks Online or Xero
  • Bookkeeper can’t continue working for personal reasons
  • Business has exceeded current bookkeeper volume and availability
  • Business not happy with current bookkeeper

In all cases the owners are concerned about the switching process. From having to provide access to

vital documents and accounts, to all the specialized knowledge that people have in their heads. Not only

are there many unknowns that come with change, but also concerns that company tasks need to be

completed in real time, so that important business items such as billing customers and collecting

receivables don’t fall behind.


We have an on boarding team that is dedicated to ensuring a complete and smooth transition. From a

detailed checklist to make sure no details fall through the cracks, to streamlined software solutions that

improve the flow of information, we are dedicated to ensuring the onboarding process is fast, accurate,

real time and complete.


We offer a guarantee to meet the costs of any possible errors caused by the switch to ensure peace of

mind, and furthermore we will build a detailed process manual for your company so that any future

changes are easy to implement, as they are fully documented, and absolutely free.


See what our clients say about the transition:


Switching to Evergreen Business Solutions was so easy that we didn’t notice any interruptions to our

daily workflows.

-Our Town Café-


We are very happy with the change to Evergreen – their checklist made the process seamless and they

did all the work on their end with our old team.

-DH Group-


The new manual that we have is outstanding, it’s a relief to have documentation of all our systems and

tasks in one place.


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