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Tatiana Giberson

Prior to co-founding Evergreen Business Solutions, Tatiana obtained her CPA and has worked for 22 years in the private sector specializing in joint venture accounting for companies large and small, and spending time in financial reporting.  After assisting a local sports store with their bookkeeping and accounting needs, Tatiana realized that working with small business owners is incredibly and immediately rewarding. Tatiana liaises directly with staff accountants and owners directly on the ground level, and loves working with home service companies, resource companies, e-commerce stores and law firms.

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Brandy Peacock

Brandy has extensive experience in the oil and gas sector, working with several companies in various roles in compliance as a bookkeeping specialist. Over the past five years she has worked almost exclusively for accounting firms providing accounting services to clients and specializing in the hospitality and service sectors. Some of her favorite clients are plumbing companies and hotels. Brandy has been using online accounting tools for the past five years and is excited to see how technology is going to continue to streamline the accounting process in the future.

Jami Tongcua

Jami has been working for the finance, bookkeeping and accounting industry for more then 9 Years. She completed her bachelor's degree in management accounting and is currently working on her master's in business administration. She has been a tax accountant and has prepared T1 returns for almost 2 years. Her attention to detail makes her interested in doing bookkeeping for retail stores such as convenience and grocery stores. Jami likes to help out start ups and small businesses by not just completing the books but also by giving them financial advice

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Dana Treffler

Dana has extensive management experience and in depth knowledge of accounting principles and procedures. Committed to process implementation and improvement, Dana is known to build best practices by combining people and skills with process delivery. She also provides mindset coaching to managers and entrepreneurs who struggle to grow.
At Evergreen Dana is the in house Sage expert, and process improvement guru.



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