Working with an Accountant who is an expert in your field of business.

Having a business, making it grow and providing excellent customer service is challenging, and

can provide business owners with stress and sleepless nights. Not to mention the monthly reports

that need to be produced, analyzed and actioned, which reduces their time spent with their families and

creates a vast imbalance of work over life.


There are probably segments of your business that you outsource already to focus on your core

competencies. We’ve seen owners work with marketing agencies ,SEO services, copywriters, lenders

and many others to provide guidance for their growth.


According to the Small Business Association, 30% of businesses fail in the first 2 years of

operations. That is why it’s critical for new business owners to focus on the key aspects such as

operations and management. Seeking the help of expert accountants to take care of the financial

management and recording aspect of their business will be one of the biggest advantages to the

underlying success outside of daily operations.


There are a lot of available accountants who are looking for clients but how do you choose the right

one? “It is important that the accountant we choose is an expert on the field of our business because if

not, instead of getting our problems resolved and fixed, we end up with more problems if the recording

and reporting of our accounts are incorrect. We would be wasting our money by spending it on

accountants who lack expertise in the field of our business.”  -Lifesport-


Here is the basic four steps test that you should take for in order to know if you have an accountant who has an expertise on your field of business.

  1.  Ask industry related questions. Good and reliable accountants are always curious with the

           businesses that they are working with so they would understand and record the transactions

           accurately. If you are talking to an expert accountant in that type of industry or business, they can

            answer industry related questions.

         2. Check the accountant’s background or work experience. When working with a new accountant,

             make sure that you have checked and verified that they have working experience on a business

             with a similar industry as you.

         3. Familiarity to accounting software and industry related software. In this age of advanced

             technology, gone are the days of manual accounting. Most, if not all the expert accountants

             are using accounting software that may be synced to your company’s own software. If the

             accountant is indeed an expert in this field, that person would definitely be familiar with the

             software that is being used.

  1. They charge like experts. If the new accountant that you are working with charges you with

            very cheap fees, likely they are not experts on their field,or their service may not be of good

            quality. You will get your money’s worth when working with an expert accountant.

Here at Evergreen Business Solutions, we are happy to help you with your accounting needs and we can go beyond that by providing you with financial advice and insight that would definitely be helpful in your future business decisions.

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