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With specialized bookkeeping strategies
based on your business' needs

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Case Study #2: We craft specialized bookkeeping strategies based on your business' needs.

Jack, Steve, and Peter were in a partnership, in a law firm. The law society has stringent requirements for monthly financial reporting, and the partners had a complicated system of splitting partnership costs and revenues.

Their bookkeeper was retiring, and had been preparing everything by hand, with many files that were hard to find.

We dove in and set up an excel spreadsheet that did the heavy lifting when it came to partnership distributions. With all their data stored securely in the cloud every partner knew the financial health of the firm, and had new insight into their receivables and expenses. A clear audit trail made them compliant with the law society, and the spreadsheet organized all the data for much easier viewing.

Save money and time by delegating the work to an outsourced bookkeeper! More and more companies are making the switch to an external bookkeeping service provider – affordably priced and suited for small businesses not inclined to have an internal accounting department.

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