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Case Study #3: We help you increase profits by determining your business' best practices.

We worked with a landscaping company for a year to show them how to increase profits through Cost Accounting.

Their three main revenue sources were from decks, flower beds, and gazebos.

We tracked each new job as a project in accounting software. Assigned all subcontractors invoices to each project, as well as time. With the years worth of data plugged in we could determine the true cost of labor (not the wage, but taxes, benefits, and capacity).

The results: Flower beds 18% profit, Gazebos 25% profit, and Decks with 40% profit.

We were able to show them that if they specialized their company in designing and installing decks they would increase profits.

The next year they focused on the most profitable materials and revamped their website to advertise the new business model. Even with an interactive design your own deck feature.

The following year yielded 80% increase in profits.

Working with Evergreen Business Solutions will pay for itself in time and money saved.

Save money and time by delegating the work to an outsourced bookkeeper! More and more companies are making the switch to an external bookkeeping service provider – affordably priced and suited for small businesses not inclined to have an internal accounting department.

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